“I may be paranoid, but not an android.” Agatha said as she slowly backed up towards the graffiti plastered wall behind her. The two thugs were closing in on her and fast. It wasn’t everyday that people mistook her for an infamous android, but the few who did never became violent or aggressive. This wasn’t one of those times. The whole town had been gripped with the idea that robots and technology in general was dangerous to us and that it will cause our eventual downfall. The beurocratic dogs made sure this ideology was the main forefront for their campains, taking the world into a scared and running state. The people began destroying and killing the androids who once walked among them, one day brethren the next mortal enemies. Truth was, Agatha was an android. Having been driven to hiding, the droids were forced to use camoflouge tactics and blend into society. She wasn’t about to let these jerk offs know who she really was though. The fatter of the two gripped her forearm tightly.

“You know the droids have been getting really crafty lately.” He stroked her hair and donned a smirk. ” You never know who to trust little lady.” The thinner walked forward and grabbed her other arm. He smelled like pickles and his breath stunk of old alchohol. He began speaking into her ear. “You can shift into a bird for all I care, a droid is always a droid. You won’t take us down you scrap bolt!”

Agatha cringed at the insult, but remained strong. She wasn’t going to give in to these two lumps of mold. They knew what she disn’t like hearing, the name scrap bolt or trash metal being as offensive as any other racial slur. She shifted uncomfortably as the two pulled her away from the wall. The fat one spoke again, “We have a dear old friend who would very much like to see you. He knows your kind very well. The boards, the wires, the tin you call skin…” He grinned again and moved close to her face. “… And the processing chip.” Agatha displayed no surprise but was very much so. The processing chip was the brain of a droid. Take the chip, and you take the life.

The thugs were moving out of the dusty alley they had preciously found her in and towards a silver chevy with a blue top. The car was beaten and seemed to be hanging on the last bit of petroleum it had. They were shoving her in the back when a loud bang sounded somewhere near. The trio jumped as the fat one grunted and soon fell to his knees. Agatha and thinner looked to his abdomen. A large metal shaft stuck out painted in red. The street beneath him soaked the falling drops like a sponge. He fell forward and exhaled one last time. Thinner looked to where the shot came from before yelling and taking off, only to be pierced in the breast by the same metal rebar. He fell without fault, dying almost upon impact.

Agatha screamed and closed her eyes, holding her hands up to her face. The sound of stpes closed in and she prepared for the strike. But none came, and she looked to see the sudden cease of noise. A hand was outstretched in front of her.

“If you value your chip, you’ll follow me.”


Genius Hour Update

Lately it has been very difficult to find interesting things around me to take good shots with. If you don’t know my project I have been working on, I have aimed to take a picture each day of February to involve myself in the world of photography. I went in with no knowledge on the subject, and I may just come out that way. While I have learned very useful and unique tips to photo taking on a busted IPod 4, I haven’t been able to find a whole lot of opportunities to use them as I have learned. I plan to take a walk very soon and see just how many cool photos I can take in another neighborhood, seeing as mine is the most boring and lame places on earth (ie nothing is a cool visual).

Photograph Inspired.

“Human beings, to a fault, seem to like to push themselves to the maximum potential they can.”

Although many would like to assume this true, it simply isn’t. Do not take me the incorrect way, there are some people who really do push themselves to strive and excel in everything they do, trying to accomplish something in all they attempt. But there also the larger demographic of people who seem to just stay within their own boundaries, keeping the “exploration and risk of trying new things” to a very much low.

Having been a part of that grouping for a big portion of my lifetime, I’ve decided to enroll myself in a hobby I have never given much thought too, Photography.

I know nothing of how cameras work, what is the best angle to take a picture, how to capture feelings in a single shot frame of undeniable beauty, etc.

That is my goal, yet it’s not my entire plan. While giving myself the chance to start and improve myself in an activity I have found intriguing although never looked into, I want to inspire others to also do the same in their lives. To many have given up on the simplest things due to others talking down on them or only envisioning a beginning portion of that new activity and finding it not fun or achievable for themselves. I want to fix this by subjecting myself to a new activity, learning a new tip or lesson towards photography everyday to better my skills and recording my progress by (what else) but a collage of my work along the way. One photo will be taken every day as I strive to improve and learn in this new field, each of them probably being posted to a Twitter account for others to see.

I feel this will be a fun experience and I’m eager to see the reactions I obtain through this new medium of art I have stepped into.

New Years and Clean Slates

A lot of people like to think that the new year means a chance to change and renew yourself, and I am one of those people. With each coming year, our human race becomes something new. It always seems (to me at least) that each passing year is a milestone to something greater.

Every new year we create resolutions or goals for ourselves, giving the year a new purpose prior to the last, truly making each year unique in it’s own way. My personal belief is that each new year we are granted a clean page to begin our stories with, almost like a chapter for you reading types. We get a new chance to really tell a story and make it a good one.


A bit of darkness

A swollen heart filling with it,

Filling little by little and bit by bit,

A creeping darkness tiny and thin,

Is slowly trying to consume him.

He constantly searches in his heart,

But cannot seem to find it’s start.

We all believe this to be fake,

Never feeling anger or hate,

But in actuality is true,

As you have a little dark in you.

For you cannot really be pure of heart,

Without a little bit of dark.

Alphabetical Advice

Accept who you are

Be confident in your actions

Consider the results of those actions

Don’t be negative

Enjoy the little things in life

Frowning only brings bad thoughts

Get your thoughts together

Help those you care for

Intelligence is a gift; use it wisely

Joking doesn’t always bring laughter

Kill off negative support

Live life but be careful

Make you who you want to be

No one ever got anything doing nothing

Only you are to blame for your choices

Pick your acquaintances wisely

Quirks make you who you are

Reconsider dumb ideas

Share your feelings occasionally

Think what you say before you say it

Unlimited imagination is yours

Various problems can be solved

When in doubt, try

X (couldn’t think of one haha)

You can be a hero

Zero confidence leads to zero accomplishments

The Challenges of depression.

Sadness is a reoccurring emotion. Everyday, we come across at least one person dealing with this societal dubbed “gross” emotion. But could we really tell the difference between sadness and true feelings of loneliness and despair? Around the month of Christmas, in 2013, I was stricken by this feeling. The feeling of never knowing when your last moments with someone could be. I contemplated this thought constantly, always thinking what were to happen should a loved one just happened to cross the street at the wrong time or take an extra pill or two by mistake. I was a wreck and every where I went people just shrugged it off as common sadness. It’s hard to truly tell between the two. You may be asking, as far as adversity goes, what this would have to do with getting stronger as a character. Well after about a month, I was back ┬áto normal. About several weeks after that, my uncle Jim died of old age unexpectedly. I never even had a chance to say goodbye.

Later that night though, rather than my original plans of crying my eyes out thinking of him, I thought of how his final moments were before death. He had had his dog, his only companion put down, wasn’t allowed to drive his car, and had to leave his home for a pitiful shack of a nursing home. His life was miserable and I realized that it was gone. He was gone, but he was happy now. I sobbed quietly at the beauty of the thought and went to sleep peacefully. In terms of getting stronger, I realized that we focus so much on needing that person to stay alive for OUR benefit that we don’t realize their situations sometimes and just think about us needing them. It’s a thought that I have considered and I suggest many to as well.